Amazing Ad

Recently i saw an ad for the “HIMALAYAN Water”, a product of the TATA Group. Previously available only in their hotels (The Tag chain), this packaged water is open for sale all over India. The ad is an amazing display of artwork and creativity. A must watch for everyone.

The message delivered was awesome.

” Going Back To Nature ”

And depicted in a very fluid way. You should take a look at the ad to actually understand what i am talking about. Check it out below. Initially one would think it is an ad for some environment conservation gig. But then the bottle splashes into the water at the end with a promise to be just himalayan water taken and bottled up.

It retails at Rs.25/- per litre and there is definitely no discount on mass purchases. Its got a pretty good taste and it has a good amount of sodium and minerals in it.

And finally, for the “but” part,

The Packaging is very flimsy, you ll definitely spill some water when you open it cause a slight grip squeezes the bottle.

Bottle Cover

Bottle Cover

Otherwise its a great buy.

For – Quenches Thirst, Value for money, taste

Against – Packaging