Waiting line games at the apple store???

Waiting in line at the Apple store's Genius bar. (W14th st, NYC)

I am dropping off my mac for its 2nd repair in 6 months at the apple store on W14th in NYC and sitting here, I wonder how thousands of people waiting to do the same can be engaged. Disney comes up with innovative games and shows for people waiting on line, why cant every store do the same? After all wouldn’t it change how people feel about their experience at the store. Keep in mind that most of these people are here because they have a problem with their product.

I think every store out there should be thinking about how to keep their customers engaged while waiting in line, be it to check out or check in. It could be as simple as a trivia game on screen to as complex as a social interaction based game. I was discussing waiting line games with my friend Ashwin and he threw out an idea for a mobile app that would ask you if you like the person in front of you or immediately behind you and people would be able to see what other people say about them! Think about it, you could meet and laugh with totally random people!

We also talked about a trivia based game where people had to keep moving on to the next screen every time they answer a question! This could take a completely social experience where a bunch of people try to answer the question along with you. At the end of the day, if we keep people engaged, they wont even notice the time flying past them.

But it all comes down to how much the company would invest in keeping their customers on the waiting line happy.