Hmmmm…. Exams ! ! !

The one time(the only time, actually) in the year when we study. Nothing new about this concept , its been working for all the students for ages , why cant it work out for us ?!? So this is what we do , we sleep all day right till the last day before the exam and that is when we get these pangs about passing the exam , thats when we actually start studying in earnest!!! Get the notes from the studious guy, make xeroxes of the books, look for local authors, throw away the standard author until you realize you need to study something from the standard book, and the list goes on and on and on……….

And of course we end up studying all night, getting very little sleep before the exam, almost dozing off in the exam hall, and then comes the dilemma right after coming out of the hall, AM I GOING TO PASS OR NOT???

Well no one can be sure until the results appear and the next exam comes right about then!!! And the cycle keeps repeating itself…
Who says students are the ones enjoying themselves?!? lol