Microsoft Kinect – A Game Designer’s perspective

After trying out the new kinect add on for the XBOX 360, we at the Social Game Lab at BxmC are in awe of the system. But, its not without its shortcomings. Although the camera is one of the best at its class and price, it may not be the most tangible innovation in gaming for  more serious gamers. To put it simply, its NOT for serious gamers.

The kinect is based on movement, and the one tangible thing that you get out of movement at that scale is people getting tired. Games are designed so that they follow a story and the characters do not know what fatigue is. The only limiting factors are the physics engine and the world itself. Think about people trying to play Assasin’s Creed using the Kinect! No one is going to be able to make those moves, even if they are able to, how and where will they do it?

But what the kinect would be awesome for would be games that require imitation, interfaces that require more than m ouse pointers and clicks, Human imaging and medical purposes, even therapy like i was talking about in a previous post. Kinect would also be a huge thing in crowd gaming(something like i was talking about here).

More on this once we ve had our fair chance to play around with the kinect (read Hack it and use it for purposes it was not built to perform).