Games for Therapy?

Here is some food for thought. Games have infiltrated every domain and aspect of personal and professional lives. Games teach people about things, they sharpen reflexes, they help increase concentration, they help relieve pressure and they are so darn fun!!!

What if,

they could calm you down?
help you deal with your fears?
help you deal with the loss of a loved one?
get back on your sane feet?
reduce those therapy bills?

Games dont just have to be about fun, though the very core of games is fun. If its not fun, it aint a game. But, what if we could develop games that are fun and at the same time help us achieve something? People think that the new XBox Kinect console would fail because people like to control characters using buttons. If they wanted to do physical work, they would go out and play. But  we should be thinking of it more as an educational tool or as a therapeutic tool. It can already interact with you, why not let it help you sort things inside your head? Why not let it be your physiotherapist? It doesn’t have to be the kinect system, it could be anything.

I ve been researching on how emotions and movements affect people’s play patterns. And now games for therapy is the next thing i will be tackling!

Until the next post,