Fixed Bug: Applications Disappear after Over the Air Install – iPhone App Development

I have been working with a couple of iPhone apps recently and in all cases I ve had to set up an Over the Air install client to distribute the apps to all the dev devices. My friend, Ulf wrote a ruby cms (hosted on github) for this very purpose (Thanks Much!). Here is a bug that seems to have baffled some people and never been an issue for some people.

Bug: The app installs but as soon as it does, the icon disappears from the screen.

This can be irritating, understandably.

Issue: The app id doesn’t match the provisioning profile.

Fix: Found Here

It turns out to be that the bundle-identifier in the app-info.plist file did not match the adhoc provisioning profile identifier. This property has to match the APP ID in the provisioning portal that you created the profile with.
i.e. My APP ID = com.TheApp.*
Also, make sure that you replace ‘TheAppName’ with the same value as ‘Product Name’ in your project + target settings.


Building multiple buildings from a map inside maya

Tools needed:

Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
Google Maps
Google Earth

What we will be making

We will learn to build a whole city block from ground up inside Maya. There are no textures involved in this tutorial, I ll do another tutorial later for texturing the buildings. This tutorial is especially for the benefit of 3D artists who need to get a lot of buildings or shapes designed in a small time. Here is a screenshot of the final product for this tutorial.


Cocoa Touch – n00b training

I have been doing a lot of self learning in the last couple of weeks and I decided to share the knowledge too all the n00bs out there. So, in the next couple of weeks, there will be a series of posts on n00b iPhone application development. No question is dumb so fire away, i ll answer if i can or i will look it up and let you know.