How not to recruit for your startup

Recently someone got in touch with me on angellist and it turned out to be quite the dramatic conversation. As usual, it started out with the email stating that the company is interested in a chat. They seemed like an interesting startup and decided to connect and see where it goes. Then the weirdness started; names have been blacked out to protect identities.


I was also recently introduced to, an awesome virtual assistant that schedules meetings over email. I decided to cc my virtual assistant on my reply to schedule a time for a call on my calendar.


This is when things got interesting. The CEO + CTO ( yeah, that was the person’s title) replied back to me with this:



Fuck this bot. Arun, not a good call to have a virtual assistant schedule a job interview for you. Poor judgment.

At first, I was a little taken aback; then it became funny and I ended up having a good laugh over it. I gave it some thought and replied with this:


So, coming to the point of this reactionary blog post, here is a list of dos/donts when you are trying to recruit for your startup. This is mostly common sense, but based on my interaction above, someone has to say it.

* Be civil. I dont believe this has to be said. Be especially civil on any permanent communication.

* Leave your ego at home. You are not trying to prove your superiority here, you are trying to build what is possibly going to be a long term relationship.

* Always keep up your company’s culture. You are always acting as a representative of your culture, it is every employee’s job to represent the culture of the startup. Its the big Chief’s job to set the culture and evolve it.

* Be open to new things.