Steel City Ruby Conf’12 : My first Ruby Conf – Awesome!!!

So I am just getting some much needed rest after attending the first Steel City Ruby Conf (and my first ruby conf). I have to say it was definitely one of the best conferences I ve been to, it was more of a well rounded conference than a technical conference! The theme of the conference seemed to be more “meet each other and listen to people in-between” than the normal “we have a bunch of people talking to ya” thing. The interesting part is that it opened up channels for people to communicate instead of just sitting around listening to people talk. The other cool thing was that we were encouraged to sit at different tables and lunch with a different group of people every time.

I had the pleasure of lunching with Joe O’Brien ‏ (@objo) , Jim Weirich ‏ @jimweirich (the inventor of Rake), Greg Malcolm ‏ @GregMalcolm and a whole bunch of awesomly interesting people! The full list of people who attended is here. I also met some awesome people from 4moms who build interesting products for parents and it aint as expensive as other baby stuff like they pointed out. Also in attendance was Jack of square. And Skill Bonsai raffled out 3 books, I won one. I am now the proud owner of

I am a relatively new to ruby and the community, though I ve deployed ruby apps before. I am primarily a PHP developer, I still love PHP and I am growing to love Ruby as well. The conference was a huge success, and I am enjoying my time in Pittsburgh!