My code at work :)

Check out the Augmented Reality code at work, wrote this almost half a year ago!.



here is the code, I do not maintain it anymore.

  • This is really great, I always wanted to implement augmented application like yours but was never successful in that case. It would be great help if you send a link to where your code lies.

  • Butterflyspring09

    Hello there, 
    what a great job! you are one clever guy! i was impressed, 
    can you give me your source? i am in the middle of school project, it will really help, 
    pleas .. pleas ..
    if it is possible, pleas send it to me at 
    butterflyspring09@gmail:disqus .com
    pleas again 🙁

  • Butterflyspring09

    Thank You 🙂