FLAR Manager – Project file for Multiple Markers loading Multiple Collada files

Well, i decided to go one step further and give the whole project away for those who are having trouble figuring it out. Download attached file and check it out.

Please leave concerns / comments 🙂 Thanks.


P.S Please acknowledge if you decide to use the code.

DOWLOAD http://www.looneydoodle.com/MultiMarkerMultiCollada.zip

  • Ruchitinfushion

    Getting Error
    Error #2044: Unhandled error:. text=Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: flar/flarConfig.xml

  • Probably means you are missing the file. Update the FLAR Manager. 

  • Ruchitinfushion

    Thanx Much,can i get little bit more help?  i have 12 *.DAE model exported from maya and  i want to load every model on respective marker.and on marker get hide,model will loss visibility from scene. Thank you

  • Ruchitinnewfushion

    I tried lot to load three different model on first three marker respectively but sometimes it loads properly sometimes not,sometimes it gets random transform value even if i exported from  origin in Maya and also sometimes it pop-up on unwanted marker.Please reply What’s wrong here.I can post code and model if you want.Thank you

  • Diana_peck93

    Hello, may i know how do i get this running?


    Hello, i tried to run however this error came about:

    unable to open ‘C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Flash Builder 4.6sdks4.6.0frameworkslibsplayer10.0playerglobal.swc’

    may i knw how i can solve it?

  • arun057

    You are missing the file, update your flar manager sdk.