So, I set off the smoke detector…

I was wondering when i was going to do that and at last, a couple of hours back – Mission Successful!!!

We had chicken in the oven, Ashwin opened it so i could spread some more gravy on it and lo, a thick fume of smoke came out, and then – CHAOS. There was this beeping i had never heard before, it kept going on and on and on and then i realized it was the smoke detector!!! Had to take a towel right to it and fan off the smoke around the detector. It was crazy!!! But once we got it to stop beeping, we sat down, had a good laugh and well, started eating the chicken hoping the FDNY would not turn up at our place.

All said and done, i realized the underlying effectiveness of the Fire Department of New York. There are a number of times when i’ve seen or heard their trucks racing down the street to attend to some distressed person with a fire in the apartment or just a smoke alarm going off in some random place. Their quick and effective response only tells one about how seriously the US Government takes people’s lives. Its interesting how everyone is polite here. You walk down the street and you ll get at least two people asking how you are doing. This one time, the very first time actually, we were walking down the 3rd avenue with all my luggage and the guys stopped to get some supplies. I stood outside the shop and a guy came up to me and asked ” comin or goin ?” And i replied “Comin” and he said “Welcome Back” and he was off.

The best start to a year and a half , i wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.