Singapora!!! Part 2 – Day 0

After a lot of speculation and a lot of time waiting for Gana to receive his passport, we were all set to apply for our visa.


In the mean time, we were busy taking care of other details. Speculating about the time we would spend there and the cash we would be carrying and the general rants and raves. It turned out we couldnt get the malaysian visa here. TOO BAD. Cause of Gana’s Passport coming in late and me misplacing the visa photos and the general traffic situation in chennai.

Well, there we were in college. Completely oblivious to the fact that we were going to be flying to Singapore later that night. It was like any other day in college, nothing special.ย  Except a couple of leers from Kulla Karthi and a lot smiles and half a dozen teachers not being allowed to teach at our expense. Nothing out of the ordinary.

On we went to the airport that night and through the baggage check, we were 5 kilos over the limit. Off came the coat and on it went on me. Gana reshuffled some of his luggage and voila, we were just 3 kilos over. The good guy behind the counter decided to overlook the extra. Turned out only half the flight was full. After the busy immigration and the security checks and double checking if TIGER AIR really did exist, well our fears were out to rest on seeing the Airbus A3xx standing proudly on the tarmac. Ah, BLISS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Afterย  taking in the Airbus and calling up my mom and confirming that the airline existed, we prepare for the long journey ahead. A security check later, we were walking down the ramp to the plane. We walk in to find cute lookin hostesses who gracefully help us to our seat. After helping a couple of people with their luggage, we settle down in your seats. A little cramped but we found the best position within seconds and started looking at each other and everyone else. At last the doors shut and the briefing began. The usual stuff about seat belts and life jackets.

They told us to switch off phone and electrical stuff saying it would interfere with their communications. I knew for a fact that it wouldn’t so we did not bother.ย  In fact we were talking away and clicking away during the take off. Gana was a little apprehensive cause this was his first flight. I love the feeling you get when the flight accelerates to take off ๐Ÿ™‚ . And take off we did.

More in the next post.