It Breathes ! ! !

An year of being brutally being savaged n my hands, it was finally the time for my bond with the great Nokia 5500 Sport to come to an abrupt, sad but enthusiastic( 😛 )  end…

I got a Brand New Nokia N78 and it was love at first sight!!! The elegantly designed phone with the piano black finish just kept me starring at it. And presto, i bought it, right there… and i haven’t regretted buying it even for a moment…

In one word ” Awesome ”

In two words ” Absolute Beauty ”


Five Word Review
Life ‘breathed’ through piano black

Nokia N78

Nokia N78

Its absolutely a work of art. the finish is glossy and the piano black color is simply awesome. This phone is one fully loaded device with every conceivable hardware in a phone, all in all this is an amazing product from Nokia. I would say Nokia’s best so far…

You can get the tech specs out of any site on the web, i am gonna give my review of the features here. And i will start with the WIFI (Yes, it is Wifi enabled !!! ).


Wifi config

Wifi config

The Wifi is amazing, data transfer speed rock, the large screen, wifi access make it a breeze to access the net from the N78.Downloads are lightning fast, after using gprs for Internet connectivity from the 5500, it is a pleasant change to be able to use wifi. Works seamlessly from any place and picks up signals very well. Going to college has never been more entertaining now that the whole campus has Wifi internet coverage (That is one point added to SVCE, Hooray ! ). I actually didnt bunk classes after getting this beauty 😛 .


An integrated GPS device makes navigation around Chennai a totally simple and painless task. Four years in Chennai and i still do not know half of it and this phone is a blessing in disguise. Problem is that Nokia Maps is incomplete. They dont have maps even for major cities like Coimbatore  ! ! !

Pros : Navigation is seamless

Cons: GPS is a little slow initially. Takes time to get the position on Maps. But google maps works just fine.

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So, i fine day, i call kavi and say “Hey, i got a new phone!!! N 78 🙂 it has this , that , blah blah … ” Mann!!! That was fun.

  • I love the way the lights get turned off as soon as i lock the keypad!!!

    And the music is awesome