Asymptote’s Dextera level 9

This one can be tricky. 

The circle club is a group of people who have done somethin in common.

Find out what they have done.

(hint they die in the end. read took their own life )

  • shaan

    IN level 10 does it have something to do with the music album?

  • sony

    yeah i figured that too. but i cannot pass to lvl 11

  • matrix

    clue for the 10th level ??

  • @shaan i don think so.

  • @sony what is the pass?

  • @sony for level 10 that is

  • arun

    get me some more clue

  • arun

    i am in level 9

  • think about how hitler died and you have your answer!

  • arun

    is 10th level about birth rate of japan

  • sony

    level 9: how hitler dies
    level 10: google the clues… Yes all the three are album names

  • sony

    hey looney….U still in lvl 9? Well, I’m in lvl 11..Wanna team up?

  • @sony sure, lets team up ! ! !

  • add me on google

  • arun

    2; eu25
    3: aravindadiga
    4: gordianknot
    5: alianprost
    6: godfather
    7: earthquake
    8: gladiator
    9: suicide
    11: nixon
    12: threewisemen
    13: cocktail

    This is really a useless game guys….
    dont waste ur time in this…

    if u r VETTI u can try, else dont…

    Fucking game, not organised properl by the coll assholes

  • arun

    i have the answers till level 19..
    contact me @

  • sony

    lol……Now that the answers are posted, there’ll be no fun playing it

  • sony

    @ arun
    Yes i agree! This game is a cheap imitation of the last year Kurukshetra’s hack me game. That was far more interesting. This sucks indeed. The game has the same repeating stuff and grammatical mistakes too

  • @arun give us the rest. and yeah, the anna univ thingy last year was a lot better managed.

    @sony There wasnt much fun in it before…

  • shaan

    Yo dudes ..does any body have the answer for the level15..For 14 its canadianfrench

  • its cruel for level 15

  • shaan

    cool man…but thats the most stupid answer ever..its ok with (q/v = c) and (v/i = r) and (f/q = e)…but the other two .so so so stpid…

  • potter

    give the answer for the level 16 man…. stuck in it for hours..

  • shaan