Asymptote’s Dextera Level 20 & 21

20. harmonicprogression

21. welding

  • alia

    yaar plz wats de answer for level 19 yaar someone plz plz plz tellllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dude check this blog oout properly. answers to the level is already posted.

  • @alia sorry about the last comment, guess i missed out. thanks for pointing it out.

  • posted!

  • shan

    pontdalmatunnel for the level 22

  • shan

    FOr level 23 its fanniemae

  • roops

    ans for level 24 “whathathgodwrought”

  • alia


    no probelm at all it happens…but the answers really don collerate wid de clues…funny n weird!!!! 🙂 🙁

  • alia

    any idea abt level 25???

  • @alia yeah, this event is rather disappointing. guess we ll simply have to work together to finish this off. (or boycott it!!! 😀 )

    what is your mail id btw?

    any luck on 25?

    @ roops thanks for that. any luck on 25?

    @shan how did you arrive at that??? what is the logical connection???? damn. anyways thanks. any luck on 25?

  • ans for level 27