Introducing lOOney dOOdle . . .

After an year of “no-blogging”,

After days of thought,

After hours of doodling,

After this,

After that,

i can keep it coming,


coming to the point,

“lOOney dOOdle” comes into my mind after thinking a lot about myself, and lo! i checked out the name and no one else on the planet had thought of it before!!!

my mind immediately went into the hyper state and i started the frenzied search for the domain and thought about how i am gonna make it look… decided its gonna contain my doodles, tips, life and of course art. and a lot more to come…

Introducing lOOney dOOdle to the World Wide Web . . .


  • Anand

    can I know what is looney doodle?. By the way the web page looks nice.

  • lOOney dOOdle is my blog name (basically depicts me) buddy..

  • Anand

    Which is the happiest moment in your life?

  • quite a good start man!!! al de best!